Lacuna Coil on ‘Beautiful Voices’ Compilation

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Lacuna Coil’s ‘Swamped’ video appears on the ‘Beautiful Voices’ DVD and CD Compilation released through Nuclear Blast Europe on September 5th.
Here is the full tracklisting:

01. Nightwish Ð Nemo
02. Guano Apes Ð Break The Line
03. Angelzoom Ð Back In The Moment
04. Die Happy Ð Take You On A Ride
05. L«‰me Immortelle Ð 5 Jahre
06. Exilia Ð Can«t Make Me Down
07. Lacuna Coil Ð Swamped
08. Tristania Ð Equilibrium
09. Xandria Ð Ravenheart
10. Apocalyptica (feat. Nina Hagen) Ð Seemann
11. Leaves« Eyes Ð Into Your Light
12. Blutengel Ð No Eternity
13. Epica Ð Solitary Ground
14. After Forever Ð Digital Deceit
15. Imperia Ð Angelchild
16. Theatre Of Tragedy Ð Image
17. Elis Ð Der Letzte Tag
18. Mortal Love – Adoration
19. Doro Ð Let Love Rain On Me
20. Sinergy Ð Suicide By My Side
21. Arch Enemy Ð We Will Rise

01. Nightwish Ð Ghost Love Score
02. Mandragora Scream Ð A Vision They Shared
03. Tapping The Vein Ð Butterfly
04. Flowing Tears Ð Razorbliss
05. L«‰me Immortelle Ð Fear
06. Angelzoom (feat. Apokalyptica) Ð Turn The Sky
07. Epica Ð Dance Of Fate
08. Tristania Ð Libre
09. Xandria Ð The Lioness
10. Edenbridge Ð Shine
11. Leaves« Eyes Ð Norwegian Lovesong
12. Nemesea Ð Threefold Law
13. Elis Ð Anger
14. After Forever Ð Beautiful Emptiness
15. Sirenia Ð Euphoria
16. Midnattsol Ð Lament
17. Doro Ð All We Are<

Ordering information are available at the Nuclear Blast Europe site here…

My thanks to geniustolunatic for the information.

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