Re-Releases Reviewed in Kerrang! Magazine

In The Media By Jul 20, 2005

Lacuna Coil’s re-releases of ‘The EPs’, ‘In A Reverie’, and ‘Unleashed Memories’ (available through Century Media from July 18th in the UK), have been reviewed in the July 23rd issue of Kerrang! magazine.

Nick Ruskell has this to say:
“‘The EPs (1998’s self-titled effort and 2000’s ‘Halflife’) may not be as essential as the full-length albums, but the delicate melodies of tracks like ‘Hyperfast’, the hauntingly gentle ‘Falling’ and the superb cover of Dubstar’s ‘Stars’ make them tempting purchases nonetheless. 1999’s ‘In a Reverie’ displays where the band began to refine the sound away from being a female-fronted Paradise Lost into something of their own thanks to a clutch of more confident sounding songs with a greater grasp of vocal interplay between Cristina Scabbia and male counterpart Andrea Ferro.
However, if you’re only going to get one LC album, make it the flawless ‘Unleashed Memories’ which remains their finest hour to date. ‘Heir Of A Dying day’, ‘Purify’, ‘Senzafine’, all pricelessly attractive slices of dark sultry beauty which, wrapped up together, make a truly, indispensibly essential album”

The magazine goes on to give ‘The EPs’ and ‘In A Reverie’ a Great 4/5, and ‘Unleashed Memories’ an Incredible 5/5 rating.

Kerrang issue 1066 (July 23rd 2005) and Lacuna Coil’s re-releases are available now.

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