Cristina Talks about the ‘Evening With..’ UK Shows

General News By Jul 09, 2005

Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia has spoken about the upcoming ‘Evening with Lacuna Coil’ shows to be held in the UK at the end of October:
ÒWe are all really excited about this UK tour! ItÕs something we have been planning for a long time now and finally we will be able to come closer the fans that could not make it to our previous London showsÓ

Lacuna Coil will perform two separate sets each night; an acoustic set followed by a full live performance. Cristina adds ÒWe like to express different feelings with our music and the live setting is the best one in which to do that and with us performing two very different style of sets, I think it going to be is really nice to chill out for a bit and then we will totally rock out later! To be honest I canÕt really tell you exactly what will be going on, every show can and does offer up different opportunities ..youÕll just have to come and find out for yourself!Ó

The list of UK dates can be found in our Tours section here…

Thanks to siN’s Metal News for the information!

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