Lacuna Coil in Metal Edge ‘Readers Choice Awards’

In The Media By May 01, 2005

Lacuna Coil appear in a number of places in the 20th Annual ‘Readers Choice Awards’ in the June 2005 issue of Metal Edge Magazine. They appear in the following positions:

‘Band of the Year’ – Third Place (tied with Judas Priest)
‘Female Performer of the Year’ – Cristina Scabbia – Second Place
‘Most Underrated Band’ – First place (tied with Kittie)
‘Next Big Thing’ – Second Place
‘Favourite Band at Ozzfest’ – Third place (tied with Black Sabbath)
‘Most Anticipated Album of 2005’ – Second place

Metal Edge Magazine is available now.


Thanks to abearatemyparents for the info!

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