Cristina Scabbia Talks About Writing The New Album

General News By May 29, 2005

In the recent interview with Phil Huxley of BBC Nottingham, Cristina Scabbia reveals an update on how the process of recording the new Lacuna Coil album is going:

“We’ve already recorded some tracks, but I can say we are still in the pre-production because we just want to be totally sure that the album is gonna be a very good album, so we are trying to put down some tracks, we recorded all the instruments and we recorded a sort of arrangement for 6-7 songs, but we still have to finish it and to make it perfect..”
(On the recording process) – “Well it really depends from the songs, because it happens that we had some songs that started from the vocal line, or like jamming, voices, plus guitars, and base, in a really natural way, but most of the time it happens that we write the music first. Every one of us has a computer at home so basically we put down all the ideas we have and then we meet up in the practice room, and we let each other listen to the ideas, and we try to pick up the best and to build up the song, and then everything goes slowly… weÕre really picky”

You can listen to the full interview here and read the transcript of the interview here…

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