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General News, In The Media By Feb 08, 2005

Hit Parader Magazine have included a review of Lacuna Coil’s album ‘Comalies’ in the ‘Hit or Miss’ section of their ‘Encyclopedia Of Heavy Metal’ special, available now.
The magazine has this to say about the album:

Italy’s Lacuna Coil have made quite a reputation for themselves over the last few years. They drew rave reviews for their performance at last summer’s Ozzfest, and vocalist Cristina Scabbia has drawn notice both for her powerful range and her striking good looks. Now with the release of their latest disc, Comalies, Lacuna Coil seem prepared to to take the next Big Step up the rock and roll ladder of success. With it’s haunting melodies and dreamlike soundscapes, the music featured here is far from conventional metal fare – which is exactly why it’s so good! Utilizing basic hard rock strategies, and then twisting them inside-out, has provided this Euro-metal unit with a distinctly different style that promises them major rewards over the weeks and months to come.

The magazine also includes a page-sized picture of Cristina Scabbia similar to this:

Hit Parader Presents.. is available now.

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