Lacuna Coil Review in Terrorizer Magazine

In The Media By Jan 27, 2005

The February 2005 issue of Terrorizer Magazine features a review of the Lacuna Coil show at Hammersmith Apollo in London UK on 27th December 2004, with In Flames, Chimaira and Caliban. The magazine has this to say about the performance:

“Unlike last year’s dazzling spectacular, Lacuna Coil’s Xmas-time reappearance isn’t part of an ongoing tour but a one-off show, which might explain the relative sparseness of tonight’s show. Little in the way of a stage set, Cristina Scabbia in homely leggings underneath the skirt, rather than a sensual assault of the senses, it’s a more intimate affair that takes a little while to adjust to even with the familiar sight of synchronised, lined-up headbanging and Cristina’s not entirely convincing tease, “We think this song might be too heavy for you!” Okay…

But ‘Heaven’s A Lie’ is still transporting, gothic only in the ornate, aspirational sense of the word, ‘Daylight Dancer’ vivid and ravishing, and the two acoustically played numbers, ‘Aeon’ and ‘Unspoken’ emanate a stillness that focuses you on the emotional qualities of Cristina’s voice, reminding you once again that for all the layers of their sound, Lacuna Coil still stem from a resonant epicentre.”

Terrorizer Magazine #128 is available now.

My thanks to Civi for the information and GuitarAndy for the review

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