Kerrang! Magazine Reviews December 27th Show

In The Media By Jan 12, 2005

The January 15th issue of UK magazine Kerrang! has reviewed the ‘Hammered At Christmas’ show on the 27th December at Hammersmith Apollo in London. They have this to say about Lacuna Coil:

“It’s exactly one year to the day since Italian Goth metallers Lacuna Coil last hit these shores, and well over two since the brilliant ‘Comalies’ was released. As such, those who attended their last two London gigs will know what to expect – seductive musical darkness, Cristina Scabbia’s incredible voice pinning jaws to the ground, male vocalist Andrea Ferro yelling “Thank you very, very much!” after every single song – but gentle, soulful acoustic renditions of quieter songs like ‘Aeon’ preclude any charges of repetitiveness or predictability.
As expected, Cristina Scabbia is a focal point – are there’s no denying it, she makes Brody Dalle look like an old boot – but it never feels like you’re watching a start with a backing band. ‘Heavens A Lie’, ‘My Wings’ and the heavy, staccato stomp of ‘Swamped’ are all top notch tunes, pretty singer or not. A fine performance, then – but some new stuff would be nice next time.”

When asked by Kerrang! how the concert was, Cristina had this to say:
“We were tired. We had only two hours sleep because we had to get up early. But it was great. We played in London the same date last year too, so it’s becoming a Christmas tradition for us!”

Overall the concert is given a ‘Great’ four ‘K’s.
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