Lacuna Coil on Metal Hammer Magazine DVD

In The Media By Nov 24, 2004

Lacuna Coil’s ‘Heavens a Lie’, directed by Patric Ullaeus, is one of 20 metal videos appearing on Metal Hammer magazine’s free DVD given away with their Christmas issue (No. 34).
The magazine has this to add:
“This bunch of Italian metallers have been making a dman fine racket since 1998. And in that time they’ve seen their peers – Nightwish and Within Temptation – rise to megastar status on the continent and goth fakers – Evanescence – sell a squiillion records the World over. But fear not kids, The Coil are having the last laugh after hitting it big this year with Uncle Sam. Here’s the song which made them famous in the good ol’ US of A.”

Metal Hammer is available in the UK now.

My thanks to Paul from the Senzafine group for the information…

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