New Album Released May ’05 Maybe…

General News By Sep 13, 2004

In an interview on Lacuna Coil guitarist Cristiano Migliore, states that the band intend to take some time off, then start recording their new album in January or February so perhaps it will be released in May 2005.
When asked about recording whilst touring Cristiano adds:
“We’re more the kind of musicians that sit home by themselves and try to work on stuff separately, and then we get together and we try to see if the ideas match,” Migliore explains. “On the road there’s too much to do. You play, you have interviews, you have signing sessions, and by the time you’re done with all this, you go to bed because you’re stressed out, or you get really wasted and it’s not the right time to write.”

You can read the full interview at here…

My thanks to phantomlord012 for letting us know about the interview!

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