Marco Zelati Talks about his mad skill bass playing

General News By Sep 30, 2004

In the recent ‘Bass Guitar’ September issue Marco talks about his “recipe” for the bass riffs for Comalies. “I like to say, ‘Rimando abbastanza tranquilla lineare'”says Marco, meaning he likes to keep it simple. In the past Marco broke both of his wrists in a car accident. “I don’t really like technical bass playing” he says. He’d rather just play from the heart.
He confesses on how he mainly uses keyboards, guitar, Cakewalk and Pro Tools when he’s creating, recording and writing music. “We also have songs that are more slow and melodic, on which I prefer to play with my fingers” Marco says. Marco uses DR strings with .o45 gauges and .125. He also uses Ampeg SVT II Pro with 8×10 cabinet.

(BassGuitar issue Sept-04/Orginal article by: Freddy Villano/article summery by:Alven)

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