Lacuna Coil in Rolling Stone’s ‘Artists to Watch’ Feature

General News, In The Media By Sep 25, 2004

As reported previously here, Lacuna Coil are one of the ten bands in Rolling Stone Magazine’s ‘Artists to Watch’ feature in the October Issue.

The magazine has this to add…
WHO An Italian goth-metal band that upstaged its heavy brethren on the second stage of Ozzfest this summer.

SOUND On tracks such as “Swamped,” off the band’s new album, Comalies, Lacuna Coil sound a bit like a heavier Evanescence, with operatic vocals courtesy of raven-tressed hottie Cristina Scabbia.

METAL QUEEN You might imagine that being the sexiest woman on a tour of heavy-metal dudes was challenging, but Scabbia said her male groupies were well-behaved: “I can intimidate them, so they just ask to kiss my hand or to marry me. I get a lot of lesbians, though, and I must say they’re more aggressive than the men.”

AN ITALIAN HEADBANGER’S LIFE “A lot of people listen to metal there, but it’s still underground,” Scabbia says of her homeland. “You don’t switch on the TV and see Iron Maiden or Slayer. But I can listen to everything without prejudice – Depeche Mode, Destiny’s Child, a little bit of everything. It’s the best way to get inspiration.”

The issue should be available now, and you can find out more about the feature on the web here…

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