Cristina Scabbia Tops Inside Pulse’s Female Vocalist List

In The Media By Sep 09, 2004

Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia is number one in the Female Metal Vocalist Top 10. They have this to say of Cristina:
“Regardless of whether it’s in English or Italian, Scabbia’s understated counterpart to male vocalist Andrea Ferro creates a goth-ish vibe throughout their strong modern metal outings. Often compared in America to Evanescence’s Amy Lee, Scabbia’s credit is that she contributes much more mood with her voice rather than bombast. Her range and ability may not be stars and moons above the competition, but one only realizes this upon extended thought and comparison to others — within Lacuna Coil, everything fits perfectly. She is a master of atmosphere.”

You can see read the full article at the InsidePulse website here…

My thanks to celticyodels for the information!

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