”Ozzfest is going great beyond all the expectations..”

Tour News By Aug 10, 2004

The European Century Media site has posted a news update today and includes information on the recent Billboard success, the “Resident Evil:Apocalypse” soundtrack, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines game, and finally a few words from the band themselves:
“Ehi everybody,Ozzfest is going great beyond all the expectations, we are having a lot of fun with the other bands and the audience is very responsive. We met a lot of people so far and it’s amazing to go to the catering booth and to have lunch with icons such as Bill Ward! We would like to thank all the people who supported us so far, we feel your energy, without you all we are nothing. Come and meet us at the FYE and the JŠgermeister booths after our set and during the off dates with Superjoint Ritual and Devildriver, jump on our website www.lacunacoil.it to know more!
Keep on rockin’ and see you on the road,

You can read the full news article on the Century Media site here…

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