‘Comalies’ Ozzfest Success Continues….

General News By Aug 12, 2004

The Official Ozzfest site reports:“Lacuna CoilÕs third release, Comalies, has broken into the Billboard Top 200 after 92 weeks. The album has cracked the 100,000 units sold mark to become the best selling Century Media act in Century Media history! Reuters claimed the group is Òon the verge of a major breakthrough.Ó

Originally released on October 29, 2002, Comalies Ð which shattered the 100,000 sales mark two weeks ago Ð achieved its best weekly sales mark to date from July 19-25 (during OZZFEST), logging 5,818 copies sold, according to SoundScan. The album Ð #194 on this weekÕs chart Ð has sold more than 17,000 copies in the last month alone, and marks the first-ever Billboard 200 appearance in the history of the groupÕs label, the Los Angeles-based independent Century Media Records.

ÒItÕs a testament to our philosophy of believing in a band and working them from the ground up,Ó says Phil Hinkle, Century MediaÕs director of A&R. ÒIn an era where artist development seems to be an afterthought, itÕs exciting to be a part of such a natural, organic success story.Ó

In large part, ComaliesÕ robust sales can be attributed to Lacuna CoilÕs Ozzfest performances. Of all second-stage acts, the group is being outsold by only Slipknot and Atreyu, both of which have released new albums within the last two months. In addition, current single ÒSwampedÓ is enjoying heavy commercial radio airplay nationwide Ð the track is #40 on this weekÕs R&R Active Rock chart Ð as well as steady video play on both MTV2 and Fuse. The song will be included on the soundtrack to the upcoming Sony Pictures film Resident Evil: Apocalypse and featured in the forthcoming Activision video game Vampire: The Masquerade Ð Bloodlines.”

You can read more Ozzfest news at the official site here…

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