Lacuna Coil Review in Circle Magazine

In The Media By Jul 17, 2004

The August issue of Circus Magazine contains a photo of Lacuna Coil and review of ‘Comalies’.

The rock magazine has this to say:
“Italy’s Lacuna Coil has made a name for themselves by fusing soul-searching rock with the enchanting vocals of sexy and talented front woman, Cristina Scabbia. The epic feel of their latest melodic invention, “Comalies”, will quickly lead you to believe that an incredibly personal epiphany is about to happen. Each song contributes to the build-up, encouraging introspection while documenting the sadness that this particular journey uncovers.

They have been compared to everyone from Evanescence to The Gathering and have made huge waves in the states with their first single “Heaven’s A Lie”. Lacuna Coil are most likely to break out into the mainstream as a result of Ozzfest 2004.”

My thanks to lemondrops for the information!

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