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On The Web By Jun 13, 2004

As part of their ‘HellÕs AÕ PoppinÕ!’ special feature on Ozzfest, the interviews Cristiano Migliore. In it, he discusses such topics as how he writes his music, pop music in Italy, and being part of a metal band in Italy saying that:
ÒWeÕre the only Italian band to make it to Ozzfest, and, in Italy, we get two different reactions. Some people are jealous. They say we suck, we have a girl in the band, and we donÕt deserve to be on the tour. Other people see this as an opportunity for more Italian bands to be discovered. ItÕs like living in a small town where everyone has something to say about your business.Ó

You can read the interview, as well as others at the site here…

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