Cristina Scabbia on The Journal Review

In The Media By Jun 11, 2004

The Journal Review has interviewed Cristina Scabbia, asking her about the success, and ongoing promotion of Comalies, Lacuna Coil’s success in the US, and how she went from singing ‘dance and R&B-type music’ to heavy metal. Cristina adds:
ÒOf course (Ozzfest is) absolutely important because that will give us even more exposure than we have,Ó Scabbia said. ÒNow with the P.O.D. tour, a lot of people are hearing Lacuna Coil for the first time. WeÕre just playing in front of a different audience, which is not typical metal people. So itÕs really important for us to be at Ozzfest because weÕll be playing in front of a huge amount of people that will have never heard Lacuna Coil before. ThatÕs our chance.Ó

You can read the full interview at the Journal Review site here…

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