Billboard Reviews ‘Swamped’

General News By May 20, 2004

The media news site, has reviewed Lacuna Coil’s new single ‘Swamped’, to be released on June 7th. The review reads as follows:
“Lacuna Coil is gaining steady ground in the States. Besides earning radio and video play, the Milan sextet will perform at this year’s Ozzfest. Because of this, Century Media is releasing a special double-CD Ozzfest version of the band’s latest album, “Comalies.” Lead track “Swamped” is a less grandiose rocker than earlier single “Heaven’s a Lie.” But the taut songwriting is very rich, crafted with a throbbing rhythm braced by keyboards. Cristina Scabbia lets her voice soar above the prog-rock bent of guitarists Cristiano Migliore and Marco Biazzi, while the other singer, Andrea Ferro, gives the lyrics a raspier treatment. The bottom end (bassist Marco Coti Zelati and drummer Cristiano Mozzati) keeps the beat securely anchored. This song is one reason why the music press is keeping close tabs on this band”

You can read the original review at the Billboard site here…

Thanks to celticyodels for the information!

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