Lacuna Coil in Metal Hammers 2003 Readers Poll

In The Media By Jan 21, 2004

Lacuna Coil are 10th in the ‘Best Overall Band’ category in Metal Hammer Magazines 2003 Readers Poll, and Cristina Scabbia is 4th in ‘Woman of the Year’ category.
The full results for the relevant categories are:

‘Best Overall Band’
1. HIM
2. Iron Maiden
3. Metallica
4. Cradle of Filth
5. Machine Head
6. The Darkness
7. AFI
8. Funeral for a Friend
9. A Perfect Circle
10. Lacuna Coil
11. The Distillers
12. Rancid
13. Deftones
14. Marilyn Manson
15. Korn

‘Woman of the Year
1. Sharon Osbourne
2. Amy Lee
3. Angela Gossow
4. Cristina Scabbia
5. Brody Dalle
6. Tairrie B
7. Courtney Love
8. Tarja Turunen
9. Kelly Osbourne
10. Marta (Bleeding Through)

Considering the scope of the Overall Band category, I reckon that coming 10th is a major achievement!

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