Metal Hammer’s ’20 Albums You have to hear in 2004’…

General News, In The Media By Dec 24, 2003

Metal Hammer magazine have included the next Lacuna Coil album in their ’20 Albums you have to hear in 2004′ article in their Jan 2004 issue.

Daniel Lane, of Metal Hammer writes:
Following the huge success of America’s latest rock export Evanescence, in ’03 (who, let it not go unnoticed, ‘borrowed’ Lacuna Coil’s image and music wholesale), ’04 is sure to be the year that Lacuna Coil get the recognition they so rightly deserve. The Italian sextet have been putting in the groundwork Stateside, spending the latter half of ’03 touring with everyone who’s anyone (and Cradle Of Filth and Type 0 Negative – Ed) and the band’s debut US single , ‘Heavens A Lie’, has become something of an indie hit on US radio too.
The band are expected to return home to Italy in the summer to start writing material for the as yet untitled follow up to their ’02 album, ‘Comalies’, which is expected to hit shelves in the latter part of this year.

Well, unnecessary (and untrue?) comparisons with Evanescence aside, its good to see Lacuna Coil fame continuing to grow, and it looks like 2004 is going to be a good year for the band, and their fans!

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