Lacuna Coil ‘Choose the Single’ Contest

General News By Nov 13, 2003

Century Media have started a contest asking fans which song from Comalies should be the next single released. Once you’ve given selected your choice you’re entered into a draw with the following prizes available.

1 Grand Prize Winner
Autographed Lacuna Coil Poster
Lacuna Coil T-Shirt
Halflife Import Digi
Limited “Heaven’s A Lie” Radio Single
Limited Edition Comalies Digi Box Import
And all of their domestic albums:
Lacuna Coil, In A Reverie, Unleashed Memories, Comalies

5 Runner Ups
Lacuna Coil Autographed Poster
Limited Edition “Heaven’s A Lie” Single

You can enter the contest at the Century Media site here…
Time to get voting!

Once again, my thanks to celticyodels for the information!

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