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General News By Oct 08, 2003

The MTV2 Headbangers Ball Compilation CD is to be released on the 10th October, but is available for streaming from today. In MTVs own words…

Acid-metal aficionados, psycho-rock fans, electro-guitar shock-therapy specialists and those who prefer their rock loud and abrasive will rejoice when The Leak dons leather and chains in celebration of MTV2 and Roadrunner Records’ first-ever MTV2 Headbangers Ball compilation featuring 40 tracks on two CDs. The first disc stars ‘unit movers’ from the metal scene–the big names who’ve broken out to enjoy healthy sales and critical acclaim like Godsmack, Staind, Marilyn Manson and Hatebreed. The second disc showcases up ‘n comers and other metal maniacs currently residing under the rawk radar (but not for long) like Cradle of Filth, Chimaira, In Flames and more. If streaming this album a full week in advance of its retail debut doesn’t inspire you to break something, nothing will.

‘Heavens a Lie’ is on the second CD of the compilation, and the complete track list and purchase information is available at

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