Lacuna Coil in Kerrang Magazine

In The Media By Sep 04, 2003

The August 30th issue of Kerrang magazine (in the UK) ran an article on Kari Valo of HIM, and included a number of box-outs with information on the Goth movement and bands. At the end of the article. A section; ‘Grave New World’ named five bands as ‘Nu-Goth’. The top of the list was Lacuna Coil and the relevant section is printed here, containing a few interesting words. 🙂

The four other bands referenced were Moonspell, Nightwish, Theatre Des Vampires, and Sonata Nocturna.

Though the entry is small and obvious doesn’t compare to the four-page interview with Evanescence a few pages later (go figure), I do believe that a very positive mention in one of the UK’s more recognised Rock periodicals can only be a good thing.

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