Lacuna’s Plans for the next few Months

Tour News By Aug 11, 2003

New Tour Dates and Upcoming album news

Lacuna Coil are now pleasing their fans with many tour dates over the East Coast in the US. They’re also gaining new fans by opening for big bands like Type-O Negative and Anthrax.

The first tour dates supporting Type-O Negative has almost finished, and Lacuna Coil seem to attract and interest many Type-O fans which appeared in the fans’ reviews over band’s official message board.

On August 14th Lacuna Coil will continue their tour as the main opening act for Anthrax. then on August 31th they’ll support Type-O Negative again for a few dates. After that Lacuna Coil are going to have their Headline dates over the West Cost to please their fans who have been waiting for about two years to see them.

After the US tour Lacuna are going back to their homeland to relax and prepare theirselves before heading to the studio and recording their upcoming album. According to Marco(Bassist) , Six songs have been written so far and waiting to be recorded

Stay tuned for more news and an exclusive interview with Lacuna Coil. If you have any questions that you’d like to be asked in the interview e-mail me. I will compose the list and post it in the Emptyspiral forum.

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