Ryan Blake Folden

Name: Ryan Blake Folden
Birthdate: 19/03/1986
Birthplace: Manilla, Philippines
Star sign: Pisces
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 175lbs
Nationality: USA
Favourite Lacuna Coil Song: 1:19
Favourite Bands: Animals As Leaders, Memphis May Fire, AFI, Genesis,
Favourite Movies: Lord Of The Rings
Favourite Cartoons: Avatar the Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon
Favourite Actor/Actress: Alan Tudyk
Favourite Books:  Harry Potter
Favourite Type Of Food: macaroni and cheese
Favourite Videogames: Final Fantasys(all), Darksiders, Skyrim, Borderlands
Favourite Animals: ALL
Favourite Sports: Quiddich
Favourite Teams: Slytherin
Favourite Cars: Jeep, GTO
Favourite Alcoholic Drinks: Red Wine
Favourite Non Alcoholic Drinks: Coffee, Iced tee
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Cities: Milan, Venice, Milwaukee, Spokane!
Hobbies: chopping firewood, being a cat dad, and husbanding
Sports done: Football, Baseball
Playing Instrument: Drums! Saxaphone