Name: Marco Emanuele Biazzi (Maus)
Birthdate: 03 apr 1977
Birthplace: Milano
Height: 181 cm
Nationality: Italian
Favourite Lacuna Coil Song: Trip The Darkness . Upsidedown . My Spirit
Favourite Bands: Pantera, Meshuggah, LOG, Alice InChains, Vomitory, Megadeth, Behemoth, Death, Incubus, Rammstein, Mike Patton & Mondo Cane, Type O Negative
Favourite TV Shows: I don’t watch TV
Favourite Movies: 7Seven, Hangover, Titanic, Schindlers List, Continuavano A Chiamarlo Trinità
Favourite Cartoons: Ken Shiro – Hokuto No Ken
Favourite Actor/Actress: Kevin Spacey
Favourite Books: Divina Commedia
Favourite Type Of Food: Pizza
Favourite Videogames: Skyrim, Fifa12, MW3, Battlefield3
Favourite Animals: Tiger
Favourite Sports: Football, Basketball, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, F1, Moto GP
Favourite Teams: AC Milan, Newcastle United, Ferrari
Favourite Cars: Alfa Romeo, Audi R8, Jeep, Ferrari, Lamborghini
Favourite Alcoholic Drinks: Beer
Favourite Non Alcoholic Drinks: Coca Cola
Favourite Colour: Red And Blackout
Favourite Cities: Milan, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Sidney, Munich,
Hobbies: watch The sport section
Sports done: Football, Skateboarding, Snowboarding
Years Playing Instrument/Singing: I don’t remember… I’m getting old probably