Cristina Scabbia

Name: Cristina Scabbia
Birthdate: June 6
Birthplace: Milano
Height: not too tall
Nationality: Italian
Favourite Lacuna Coil Song: all of them.
Favourite Bands: Type o Negative, Paradise Lost, millions of others.
Favourite TV Shows: Adult swim and food channel
Favourite Movies: The Name of the Rose, star Wars, The Bourne trilogy, lots of action movies.
Favourite Cartoons: Family Guy, American dad.
Favourite Actor/Actress: Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey.
Favourite Books: not a big reader.
Favourite Type Of Food: Pasta, pizza (the real deal).
Favourite Videogames: Bejeweled Blitz. And I still love the first Resident Evil and the first Silent hill.
Favourite Animals: maybe cat, but I love them all.
Favourite Sports: soccer, modern dance.
Favourite Teams: A.C. Milan
Favourite Cars: my FIAT Panda, Dodge trucks and mopars.
Favourite Alcoholic Drinks: Mojito
Favourite Non Alcoholic Drinks: Water
Favourite Colour: black
Favourite Cities: home is where the heart is
Hobbies: cooking, drawing.
Sports done: volleyball, soccer, karate, classic ballet, modern dance, swimming.
Years Playing Instrument/Singing: Since 1991