Cristiano Migliore

Name: Cristiano ‘Pizza’ Migliore
Birthdate: 20 May 1971
Birthplace: Milan, Italy
Height: 173 cm
Nationality: Italian
Favourite Lacuna Coil Song: Upside Down
Favourite Bands: Alice in Chains, Gojira, Pink Floyd and many, many more!
Favourite TV Shows: Game of Thrones
Favourite Movies: Blade Runner
Favourite Cartoons: Road Runner
Favourite Actor/Actress: Christian Bale/Natalie Portman
Favourite Books: The Lord of the Rings
Favourite Type Of Food: Pasta!!!!
Favourite Videogames: Too many to mention!
Favourite Animals: Cats …duh!
Favourite Sports: What’s that?!?! Some kind of exotic food?
Favourite Teams: See above…
Favourite Cars: Whatever drives me safely around and keeps me warm and dry…
Favourite Alcoholic Drinks: Red wine
Favourite Non Alcoholic Drinks: Water
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Cities: Any that has anything interesting to see!
Hobbies: PC gaming, assembling & tweaking (I love this stuff!), building and renovating, watching good movies on my toasty couch with my wife and cats!
Sports done: What’s that again??!?!
Years Playing Instrument/Singing: If I disclose this information it’d show how old I am… Oh, wait… I already told you my birth date… Ok: 25 years… 😛